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July 2019








250 x 25 x 190 mm


700 g

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Great Recipes for the Thermomix 2


In this second volume of Great Recipes for the Thermomix, the tastiest and most popular recipes from TMix+ magazine are drawn together in one place.

From the simplest Italian, through to the most complex of Asian, Middle Eastern, French and British dishes, this collection covers a diverse breadth of cuisines and styles, presenting more than 70 delectable dishes.

Like the first volume of Great Recipes for the Thermomix, this book showcases classic dishes, reimagined and rigorously tested, which best encapsulate the TMix+ ethos of “getting the most from your Thermomix”—a versatile and indispensable assistant in the kitchen. With the help of popular Thermomix chefs Lesley Russell, Yolaine Corbin, Tamara Morris, Melinda Plis, Geoff Slattery and Jemma Gray, cooks will discover a wide array of uses for their Thermomix, and create some irresistible dishes in the process.

Great Recipes for the Thermomix 2 offers an assortment of recipes that are familiar—tried and true and much loved—but reworked to maximise the brilliance of the Thermomix, while never discarding the importance of traditional cooking methods.

Drawn from all different cuisines, TMix+ recipes are anything but “cheffy”; rather they are dishes that will become part of the repertoire of everyday cooks. TMix+ suggests, humbly, that the best cooking comes from best ingredients, best methods, best outcomes and best fun—and, with a little perseverance and, with phenomenal zeal and determination, will reinvent home cooking, and provide users of the Thermomix with a new set of “go-to” dishes that work every time.

Featuring beautiful photography from Mike Emmett and Bec Smith, and helpful tips and tricks to get the best out of this wonderful machine, Great Recipes for the Thermomix 2 will guide cooks towards wonderful results in the kitchen.

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