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July 2013








198 x 128 x 20 mm


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Fox Swift

Fox Swift is a brilliant and engaging new football book for children. Combining a gripping, laugh-out-loud story with expert football tips and training drills from Hawthorn superstar Cyril Rioli, as well as witty cartoons, Fox Swift is the perfect read for any child who’s passionate about Aussie Rules.

Fox Swift is an 11-year-old football star. When his family moves from the city to the small country town of Davinal, Fox has to choose which of the town’s two teams to join: the rich Dragons, which attracts all the best young footballers, or the Diggers, a struggling club that battles to field a side each week.

Following a run-in with the captain of the Dragons, Fox decides to join the Diggers, and even manages to recruit a few new players— two Sudanese refugees, the mumbling but super-tough son of a farmer, and a girl who plays in a helmet to disguise her identity—and even a new coach. When the coach contacts AFL ‘magician’ Cyril Rioli, the Aussie Rules superstar agrees to lend his football expertise to the struggling team.

With Cyril’s help, can the Diggers change their fortunes and win the premiership? And can Fox and his new friends prevail over the school bullies?

Combining the sporting prowess of Cyril Rioli, the wickedly funny words of comedic writer David Lawrence, and the delightful drawings of Jo Gill, Fox Swift is page-turner that will have children anxiously anticipating the next instalment.


David Lawrence

David Lawrence, is a comedy writer whose TV credits include , Hamish & Andy, TV Burp and Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation. He runs the successful comedy business Laughing Matters and has performed in five Melbourne International Comedy shows. He has won three Brownlow medals in a parallel universe.

Jo Gill

Illustrator Jo Gill is a comedy writer/performer with TV, improv, and theatre experience. She has written for shows on every TV network including a three year gig as Head Writer for the Logies (she is still in therapy). While her knowledge of football could be written on a postage stamp in crayon, she would rather use that crayon to draw mischievous cartoons.


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